4 Lost Hikers Rescued!

Check out this article – my teammate Craig and I found the 4 hikers and wound up spending the night at the tram — then going on another rescue the next morning…

PALM SPRINGS: Rescuers find disoriented hikers safe

Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit members plan a search assignment at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway in 2006.
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May 06, 2013; 04:36 PM

Riverside Mountain Rescue Team members located four lost hikers in the San Jacinto Mountains late Sunday, May 5, after they called for help before their cellphone lost battery power, a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department news release states.

The hikers were about 2½ miles from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway’s mountain station on a Mount San Jacinto State Wilderness Area trail and told an emergency operator that they were not hurt. But they were not prepared for cold weather and needed help to find their way out, they said.

The call came at 7:06 p.m. and the rescue unit volunteers found the group near Tamarack campground. The rescuers walked them to the state park ranger station near the tram station, where they spent the night.

The hikers were identified as Yan Kwong, 30, of San Diego; Minh Soi, 33, of Costa Mesa; My Ha, 29, of Costa Mesa, and Shihchia Huang, 26, of Los Angeles.

Go to the rescue unit’s website at www.rmru.org and click on frequently asked questions for tips about safe hiking.

Original Article: http://www.pe.com/local-news/riverside-county/the-pass/the-pass-headlinesindex/20130506-palm-springs-rescuers-find-disoriented-hikers-safe.ece