Joshua Tree in 5 Days - 353

Joshua Tree Traverse

Joshua Tree Traverse

Difficulty: Novice to Advanced
Duration: 8 hours to 5 days depending on route
Best time to go: October-May

This AWESOME cross-country trip can be done in as little as 8 hours as a coordinated day trip (with shuttle) or it can be done as an overnighter up to five days depending on how goals and mileage. Hike and scramble  through interesting and ancient terrein throughout the Joshua Tree backcountry. Difficulty depends on fitness levels of group and overall personal goals. Some water caching may be necessary depending on season.

What’s Included:

  • Park entry
  • Guided hike and scramble through the rugged Joshua Tree backcountry
  • Local knowledge of plants and animals
  • Wilderness survival tips
  • Lunch is included on day trips
  • Breakfast and dinner are included in trips over two days
  • Round trip shuttle from Palm Springs is included (if desired)
  • One night in the backcountry is included in day rate.
  • Basic pricing is $200 per couple, per night.
  • *Backpacking gear can be arranged if needed
  • Bring another friend for 1/2 price

Outdoor Guiding Services • Palm Springs, California • (760) 808-4720