Fuller Ridge: PCT 2009 - 37

PCT Assistance

Outdoor Guide & Support Services
Palm Springs, California
(760) 808-4720

The Pacific Crest Trail is the longest hiking and equestrian trail in the West.

At over 2,600 miles in length, you’ll have year-round opportunities to enjoy several different sections of this hike. If you are in need of guide service for sections throughout Southern California or require trail angel assistance near Palm Springs, Whitewater, Snow Creek, or Idyllwild – please contact us for more information. We will do our best to help you along a successful journey.

Some of our services include:
  • Package pick-up, storage and delivery
  • Trail head shuttle to/ from Palm Springs
  • Budget lodging, internet & laundry service
  • Rest and relaxation / downtime
  • Local knowledge, etc.

Contact us here: matt@stoutadventure.com

Outdoor Guiding Services • Palm Springs, California • (760) 808-4720