Cactus to Clouds

Cactus to Clouds Trail: (Palm Springs to Mt. San Jacinto Summit)

Gain: 10,394′, Loss: 2,318′
Best Season: May-November
Difficulty rating: Advanced +
Time needed:  About 10 hours RT from Palm Springs > San Jacinto Peak > Return via PS Tramway

About the Cactus to Clouds Trail: 

Cactus to Clouds is the granddaddy of big elevation gain hikes in the lower 48. Hike from Palm Springs to the top of Mt. San Jacinto for a whopping gain of 10,394′ in one day. This is no hike to scoff at and it’s one that will challenge anyone no matter who you are. It’s difficult beyond words, so if you aren’t in good shape -fuggetaboutit. If you are up for a real death march, try it in wintertime!

Price: Non-refundable deposit of $100 + $40 per hour from start of trip to finish at tramway. 

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