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Stout Adventure helps visiting hikers and backpackers experience the local area like never before by offering local knowledge and personally guiding you through the deserts and mountains to awesome, off the beaten path locations. Miles of hiking trails are waiting to be explored – as well as virtually unlimited cross country opportunities in the mountains and deserts. We can offer simple advice for the beginner and we can help plan major excursions for the advanced. Palm Springs is a well-respected hiking destination and is sure to satisfy the most hardcore enthusiasts any time of the year.

For generations, Palm Springs has developed a reputation for offering year-round hiking and and health-based opportunities. Since 1963, we’ve had easy access to Mt. San Jacinto (10,834′) via the Aerial Tramway. Up there, it’s always cooler than the valley floor by 30 degrees fahrenheit and the San Jacinto State Park System provides over 54 miles of established trails in a pristene old-growth forest – the perfect place to escape intense summer heat. The best parts of the mountain include waterfalls, peaceful meadows, boulder fields, 360 degree overlooks, and much more!

Additional local hiking opportunities range from exploring Indian Canyons – full of native palm trees in a unique landscape, or following Southern California’s only perennial stream flowing south out of Whitewater Canyon. Joshua Tree National Park is within an hour drive from downtown and there you can find starry skies and some of the best rock climbing opportunities in the southwest as well as solitude and self-reflection for a day or a weekend.

Palm Springs is often overlooked as merely a golf haven, but there is so much more to do here – including an alpine climbing route on the north face of Mt. San Jacinto (10,834′) as well as hiking sections of the world famous Pacific Crest Trail that stretches over 2,600 miles from Mexico to Canada. Whether you have a few hours or weeks, we are happy to help you plan a fun and memorable experience.

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Outdoor Guiding Services • Palm Springs, California • (760) 808-4720